Waste Recovery

Waste Recovery Services provides collection and disposal services for the Twin Cities Campus. Our mission is to recover material resources from the solid waste stream and prevent the disposal of hazardous materials.

Our programs and services include:

  • The Recycling Program: Diversion of 40% of the University's municipal solid waste stream to be recycled or reused.
  • Organics Recycling: Collection of organics materials from across campus to be recycled.
  • Debris Management: Salvage of any recyclables, scrap metals, concrete, appliances, and furniture which can be sent to the ReUse program.
  • The Reuse Center: Collection of surplus office furniture, supplies, equipment and parts from around the UMN campus to be resold to University departments and the public.
  • Infectious Waste Management: Collection of potentially infectious materials generated from clinics, research laboratories, and hospital sources. 
  • Hazardous Materials Program: Removal, transportation, segregation, consolidation and storage of potentially hazardous materials and chemicals.