Request a Meeting in an RFSS Conference Room

A Meeting is usually an informal gathering of people to discuss information where only standard AV/furniture resources are needed. Meetings are usually recurring, or are scheduled within two weeks. No additional services or support is needed. 

To request a conference room for a meeting:

One-time meetings:
One-time meetings may be scheduled anytime throughout the year, as availability allows. To schedule a one- time meeting, you may contact your facility's information desk or submit the appropriate meeting request form below.  Please be prepared to provide: the title of the meeting, contact name, phone number & email and the expected number of attendees. 

We encourage you to contact your facility's information desk if you are scheduling a one-time, same-day meeting in order to ensure your request is processed in a timely manner. 

Recurring meetings: 
Recurring meetings must be submitted using the meeting request form. Recurring meetings are scheduled annually in the spring for the following academic year. These meetings must be renewed each year when we launch our annual recurring meeting scheduling window. Recurring meeting requests are accepted throughout the year, but will only be scheduled through the end of the current academic year (8/30/yyyy).

Annual Recurring Meeting Schedule: 
    •    Renewal and scheduling notices are sent out between March 1 and March 15.
    •    Confirmation notices are sent out between April 1 and April 25.

RFSS Meeting request Form 

MIDB Meeting request Form

Creating Accessible Meetings or Events (PDF)

Event & Conference Guidelines 

Note: Priority is given to building tenants who are paying square footage costs.  

An Event is usually formal, will have an agenda and a program of activities planned.  Events typically are larger in scale and span a longer period of time (all-day) than a meeting. Please utilize the event request form if there are special accommodations that need to be taken into consideration such as: special event setup’s, custodial set/clean, catering, audio/visual support, building access support etc. 

If you are external to the University, and would like to host an event on campus, please complete the event request form or contact the RFSS Event Manager - or 612-301-5498.