RFSS Event and Conference Guidelines

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Section 1: Definition of a meeting & event

A meeting is usually an informal gathering of people to discuss information where only standard AV/furniture resources are needed. Meetings are usually reocurring or are scheduled within two weeks. No additional services or support are needed. Please utilize the meeting request form to request a conference room.

An event is usually formal, will have an agenda and a programme of activities planned.  Events typically are larger in scale and span a longer period of time (all-day) than a meeting. Please utilize the event request form if there are special accommodations that need to be taken into consideration such as: special event setup’s, custodial support, catering, audio/visual support, building access support etc.

If you are looking to reserve a space in MIDB, please utilize the MIDB meeting or MIDB event request form.

If you are external to the University, and would like to host an event on campus, please complete the event request form or contact the RFSS Event Manager - rbmsevnt@umn.edu or 612-301-5498.

Section 2: Primary Contact

Every reservation requires a designated primary department and contact(s), which is typically a University department or student group and their representative. The primary department and contact will be held responsible for:

  • Adhering to the conference room guidelines of use and University policies
  • Planning and coordinating all meeting/event-related arrangements
  • Ensuring proper conduct of the meeting/event
  • Ensuring proper use of conference room space, furniture, and equipment
  • Returning the conference room to its original configuration after the reservation
  • Any fees, deposits, or charges incurred during the course of the reservation

Failure to adhere to the guidelines, regulations, and policies that govern the use of conference space may subject the primary department to restrictions on future reservations, such as deposit charges or restriction of privileges.

At the time you place your reservation request, you will be asked to provide the name and contact information for your department.

Section 3: Changing a Reservation

To cancel a conference room reservation: email your Facility's Information Desk or our scheduling team at: rbmsmtgs@umn.edu

To cancel an event reservation: email the RFSS Event Manager: rbmsevnt@umn.edu

Section 4: Food, Beverages & Catering Guidelines

  • RFSS offers an open catering policy. With few exceptions, clients can use any licensed caterer they choose.
  • Customers must comply with all Food & Alcohol Safety Policies at the University, including obtaining necessary permits (see permits section).
  • Customers must be on-site to meet their caterer; RFSS is not able to sign for any catering or deliveries.
  • Catering equipment should be loaded in and out on the same day as the event unless previous arrangements are made.
  • Caterers will have access to the space during the event reservation time listed on the event confirmation.
  • Customers are responsible for ensuring all waste is in bins provided. Contact the RFSS Event Manager beforehand if you have a large number of guests or are serving boxed lunches, so appropriate receptacles can be provided.
  • Please note that there will be a small fee for providing additional trash receptacles.

For Food & Alcohol Permits see section 6, below.

Section 5: Alcohol Policy

The University’s alcohol policy prohibits the unlawful or unauthorized use, possession, distribution, consumption, promotion, marketing, or sale of alcoholic beverages on University property or as part of any University activity. Violation of the University policy by a student will be adjudicated in accordance with the Student Conduct Code.

Alcohol Permits on Campus:

Section 6: Permits & Forms

Section 7: Tobacco Policy

The University is a smoke- and tobacco-free institution. All students, staff, faculty, and visitors are prohibited from smoking, using, selling, free-distributing, and advertising tobacco products and electronic cigarettes in all facilities and on all University property.

Section 8: Damages

The client assumes all responsibility for physical damages to property resulting from deliberate acts or negligence by the client and others in attendance of the scheduled event. Additional fees for physical damages will be assessed and invoiced to the primary contact.

Section 9: Deliveries

Clients arranging for third party deliveries must have someone present during deliveries and pick-up. Arrangements to have furniture delivered prior to an event or stored after an event must be made with the RFSS Event Manager (rbmsevnt@umn.edu).

Section 10: Parking

Visit the Parking and Transportation Services website for more information pertaining to event & visitor parking.

Section 11: Furnishings & Equipment

Conference rooms and Event Spaces must be left in a clean and orderly condition. If the furniture is rearranged, it should be returned to the original arrangement at the end of the meeting. All trash should be placed in waste containers provided. Tables should be wiped-down, dry-erase boards cleaned, projectors shut down and equipment returned. Failure to return the room and equipment back may result in forfeiture of reservation, scheduling rights and/or fees.

  • Special Furniture Arrangements: Events that require special arrangements, furnishings substantially rearranged and reset after an event, will be assessed a fee to cover these costs.
  • Please notify the RFSS Event Manager of special setup needs at least 14 business days in advance.
  • Extra tables and chairs are available for use in some of our event spaces. Set-up and take-down fees apply.
  • Rolling fabric tack boards for poster symposiums are available in CCRB as well as NHH.  Push pins are not provided with the use of the tack boards.

AV equipment
Technology guides can be found on our RFSS Room technology page.

We are available for orientation sessions on conference room technology! With an appointment, we’ll meet you in your conference room to go over how features in that room can help you achieve your goals. Just bring your device and an idea of how you plan to use the space. If you would like to request a consultation, email rfssit@umn.edu  or call 612-625-0523. 

Section 12: Decorations, candles & balloons

Table top and free standing decorations are permitted. Push pins, tacks, glitter, confetti and tape are not permitted due to the damages they may cause to walls and vacuums. Candles are not permitted due to the fire hazard and local fire codes. Non helium balloons with weighted ground holders are permitted. Contact the RFSS Event Manager (rbmsevnt@umn.edu)  for additional information regarding decorations.

Section 13: Minors

If there will be minors at your event, you must comply with the University's Safety of Minors policy. For a summary of responsibilities under this policy, please see the Safety of Minors Registration Grid. If applicable, an addendum to your Use Lease agreement may be required.

Section 14: Building Access

View building hours in the campus maps. Building hours may impact your ability to access a conference room. Please be sure to carry your Ucard with you at all times. For more information pertaining to accessing a conference or event space, please contact the RFSS Event Manager, or your Building’s Facility Coordinator.

Section 15: Leaving a Conference room

When you vacate, you must leave the room and its equipment in good order. Please:

  • Reset and straighten chairs and tables
  • Erase marker board and dispose of any unusable supplies (dry markers, dirty erasers, paper towels)
  • Turn off any electronic equipment
  • Remove or dispose of any items you brought with you (supplies, waste, etc.)
  • Check for any damage to the room, furniture, and equipment. Report damages to your building’s facility coordinator.
  • Generally ensure the room is ready for the next group. 

Section 16: Non-University Affiliated Events

Non- University affiliated events are charged a fee to use RFSS event space. In addition, a Facility Use Agreement contract will need to be in place prior to the event. Please contact the RFSS Event Coordinator (rbmsevnt@umn.edu) for more information about this process. 

Section 17: Accessibility

Many spaces have various accessible features. Use Room Search (link back to RFSS room search page) to view accessibility features in specific rooms, or contact the Disability Resource Center with questions.

If you have specific accessibility needs for your event, please make these known at the time you request to schedule your event.

Creating Accessible Meetings or Events (PDF)

Section 18: Annual recurring meeting reservation renewal

Recurring meetings are scheduled annually in the spring for the following academic year. These meetings must be renewed each year when we launch our annual recurring meeting scheduling window. Recurring meeting requests are accepted throughout the year, but will only be scheduled through the end of the current academic year (8/30/yyyy).

Annual Recurring Meeting Schedule

  • Renewal and scheduling notices are sent out between March 1 and March 15.
  • Confirmation notices are sent out between April 1 and April 25.

Section 20: RFSS Event & Meeting Contacts

Events, Contact Tables or External Parties - RFSS Event Manager - rbmsevnt@umn.edu or call 612-301-5498
Meetings - RFSS Scheduling Team - rbmsmtgs@umn.edu OR you may contact your Facility’s Information Desk. 
AV Support/Report AV issues - RFSS Technology Support Specialist - rfssit@umn.edu  or call 612-625-0523