Card Reader Policy

People with U Card access to Research Facility Support Services (RFSS) buildings play a key role in keeping the buildings secure.

Everyone must swipe their own U Card to gain entry

Do not allow anyone to follow you though a card reader door (piggy-backing)  when entering the lab areas or when entering the exterior doors of the building when the building is secured (evenings, nights, weekends and holidays). 

If someone tries to follow you, step in front of the door opening and tell them they cannot enter.

An example of words to use:

"I am sorry; I cannot let you into the lab. Please let the door close and lock and then swipe your own U-card. If you do not have an activated U Card, please go to the Information desk for assistance".

When exiting the lab, make sure no one enters while the door is open. If someone tries to enter as you are leaving, use words similar to those in the example.

Do not allow others to use your U Card to enter secured space

If someone wishes to be let into a lab, that person must contact a lab member or faculty member within the space who is able to vouch for them. The contacted person must come to the desk and escort the visitor to the lab OR the occupant can instruct the info desk via phone to “let the visitor in,” the visitor will be allowed into the facility after presenting a picture ID. Alternatively, if a Faculty member or lab staff notifies the desk of an expected visitor, the visitor will be let in if he/she can show a picture ID to verify their identify.