Currently, two trainings are required by both OSHA right to know and University Health and Safety for access to open lab areas in Nils Hasselmo Hall (NHH), Molecular and Cellular Biology building (MCB), Masonic Cancer Research Building (MCRB), McGuire Translational Research Facility (MTF), Wallin Medical Biosciences Building (WMBB), Cancer Cardiovascular Research Building (CCRB), and Microbiology Research Facility (MRF), Moos Tower Cancer Center Biodiscovery unit, Moos Tower 5th floor, and Mayo NMR Center.

Note: These trainings require a UMN Internet ID. If you do not have one, please create a guest account.  


Radiation Safety Orientation

  1. Follow the instructions on the ULearn website to take "Radiation Safety Orientation"
  2. This site requires a valid UMN Internet ID
  3. Take the training. Be sure to complete all 5 sections and the final quiz
  4. When finished: print a copy of your final quiz/completion certificate and bring to any RFSS information desk for verification

Bloodborne Pathogen Training

University Health and Safety offers two Bloodborne Pathogen training courses for University of Minnesota faculty, students, staff, guest researchers, and volunteers. Taking either one of these trainings will satisfy access requirements for building access in an open lab environment. 

  • UHS111 Bloodborne Pathogens Building Access Only

  • UHS110 Bloodborne Pathogens Annual OSHA Requirement

Again: only ONE of the training courses needs to be completed for access. To take the trainings please: 

  1. Choose which training you will need to take.
  2. Click on the link for UHS111: Bloodborne Pathogens Building Access Only
  3. Click on the link for UHS110: Bloodborne Pathogens Annual OSHA Requirement if you will be working with bloodborne pathogens as part of your research.
  4. Log into the training website.
  5. Scroll down to Green Button "+Enroll in Course" to click on the link to the training
  6. Be sure that you are taking the appropriate training: Bloodborne Pathogen Building Access only for those requiring access to open labs OR Bloodborne Pathogen Annual OSHA Requirement for those working with BBP in the lab.
    1. Please be sure to complete all modules and final training quiz
  7. When finished: print a copy of your final quiz and bring to any RFSS information desk for verification