Visitor Access

Temporary access cards are available for checkout at our information desks. A brief form must be completed and some form of valuable collateral must be left. Cards are only available for day of check-out and must be returned by before 4pm, when the Information Desk closes. Temporary cards may be available for up to 1 week duration if approved by the Building's Facility Coordinator. 

  • Valid/non-expired driver's license, state ID, or Passport
  • Current (unexpired) UCard

A $30 fine will be assessed back to your department for any Temporary Access Card not returned, lost or stolen. These cards will be inactivated. Any questions regarding Temporary Access Cards should be directed to the building information desk. 

Long-term visitors and affiliated staff

Individuals working in any of the RFSS buildings for a period greater than 3 weeks will need to obtain their own Department sponsored U Card for access. These can include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • summer interns
  • short-term employees
  • retired faculty and staff
  • visiting professors
  • visiting postdocs
  • volunteers

Information on department purchased Temporary Access U Cards and online application is available on the U Card website