Custodial Services

I would like to sincerely thank all the people in FM who work hard each and every day to advance the work of our university! Without safe, reliable and welcoming facilities, this university would not be such a great success. From educating our future leaders, inventors and creators, to saving lives through plant, animal and medical research, the custodial work performed by our dedicated professionals is crucial to our success.  Thanks!

We are proud to work with a diverse group of individuals who come from multiple different countries, different backgrounds, different experiences, different education levels, and different interests to create a vibrant and effective team!  We strive to promote from within to give all an opportunity for advancement if that is something they desire.  Virtually every one of our custodial leads (Sr Building & Grounds Workers) were promoted from the Building & Grounds Worker position.  Almost all of our supervisors were previously Sr Building & Grounds Workers!  And many of our supervisors have been promoted to the Team Manager position.  We value the growth of our people!

Mike Hofer - Associate Director Custodial Program.

To request service - call 612-624-2900 (42900 inside the U)

In order to service over 200 buildings each day - our custodians are divided into team cleaning squads using "green" sustainable equipment, products and practices.  We practice the three C's of Custodial - C (see), Care and Clean!

Fiscally Responsible Priorities

As stewards of public and student funds, we set priorities that put the student first.  For this reason, we schedule more frequent service in common areas and classrooms than in offices and staff areas.  These variations are reflected in the Maroon Standards that can be found in the link below.  Thank you for your understanding.

Custodial Service (Maroon Standard) – What we clean and how often we clean it.

Sustainable Products & Practices

  • As stewards of health and safety, we work hard to make sustainably smart choices in product selection and procedural practices. 
  • Our routine cleaning solutions from 3M are Green Seal Certified and come in sealed bottles of concentrate that only dispense through a dilution control system.  This prevents direct contact with concentrates and properly dilutes the product every time. 
  • Our Diversey floor finish stripper is Green Seal certified and safely dispenses from their RTD bottle at the proper dilution without any manual mixing. 
  • The 3M scrubbing pads that we use on our floor machines are Green Seal certified. 
  • All of our mops, dusters and cleaning cloths are laundered microfiber for maximum performance and reduced waste.  They withstand multiple uses and launderings. 
  • We use the Green Guard certified practice of never spraying product into the air but instead only down directly onto our cleaning cloths. 
  • Our Rev-Bag plastic waste and recycle liners are made from at least 70% recycled content and are custom sized to fit our receptacles perfectly. 
  • Our GP brown restroom paper roll towels are Green Seal Certified made from 100% recovered material and at least 50% post consumer recycled content.  Our GP toilet tissue is EPA compliant with at least 20% post consumer recycled content. 
  • And finally, the new compostable organics recycling program being rolled out throughout our buildings is fully supported by the custodial staff through our daily collection and removal of these materials.   
  • Click here for a waste sorting guide to help us get as close as possible to Zero Waste!  

Examples of Services We Provide

  • Remove waste/recycle, clean/sanitize surfaces, vacuum/mop floors, replace lamps, shovel/salt entry ways.
  • Deep clean any surface, shampoo extract carpets, strip/scrub/refinish floors, polish stone, pressure wash. 
  • Service special events, perform construction cleans, clean up after floods and water events.