Energy Management

Energy Management oversees the reliable, safe and efficient operation of mechanical, electrical and civil utilities systems for the Twin Cities campus.  Home to the University’s technical and professional engineering staff, as well as a select group of skilled technicians and tradespeople, the group maintains the campus utility infrastructure and provides technical and engineering expertise to the U’s Capital Planning teams, Facilities Management groups and many departments across the U of M system. Our responsibilities include:

  • Utility Operations
    • Utility Engineering
    • Steam Utilities
    • Electric Utilities
    • Chilled Water Utilities
    • Water Utilities (Water, Sanitary Sewer, Storm Water)
    • Utility Production
      • Main Energy Plant (MEP)
      • Southeast Steam Plant
      • St. Paul Steam Plant
  • Facilities Engineering & Energy Efficiency
    • District Engineering / Operations Support
    • Energy Conservation
    • Recommissioning & Implementation
    • Controls & Automation
    • Commissioning
  • Data Analysis & Utility Billing