Student Summer Storage

What are you doing with your stuff when you move back home this summer?  Can't take everything with you? Instead of throwing it all away and buying new stuff next year, consider storing your stuff with the ReUse Program this summer.


Any student that needs storage can use this service.  If you live in one of the Housing and Residential Life buildings listed below, we can even arrange to pick up your materials when you move out. If you move back into a dorm next school year, we can arrange to deliver everything back to you.  If you live off campus or a building we can't deliver to, you can still store your stuff at the ReUse Warehouse. In this case you will need to transport everything yourself.

We can pick up and deliver to the following Locations:

  • 17th Ave 
  • Bailey
  • Centennial
  • Comstock
  • Frontier
  • Keeler
  • Middlebrook
  • Pioneer
  • Radius
  • Sanford
  • Territorial
  • Wilkins
  • Yudof

If you live anywhere we cannot pick up or deliver to, but can transport your stuff, you can still store it for the summer with us. If you would like to schedule us to pick up your belongings you must register prior to April 24th. We will still be able to store your belongings if you are transporting them. 

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$40 for summer storage per box - box dimensions are 48 inches long x 24 inches wide x 28 inches tall, approximately 19 cubic feet.

Storage Box image

All items MUST fit inside of the storage box we provide. We cannot accept or store any items that do not completely fit inside of the provided storage boxes. You may donate large items to the Pack & Give Back Program if they are in good, usable condition. Check with your front desk for where to bring these large items. 

Short term storage (1 month or less)

If you live in off campus housing and move out in early August and your new lease doesn't start until September, than we have a storage option just for you. We can not pick up or deliver to off campus housing but you can transport your own stuff to and from our warehouse and store everything for 1 month. It's $20 per speedpack box for the full month.

Pick up and delivery fees

You can transport your items to the ReUse Warehouse located at 883 29th Ave SE, Minneapolis MN 55414 and pack everything there for no additional delivery fees.  

If you prefer, you can have us drop off the empty storage boxes directly to your Residence Hall and we will pick up everything directly from your dorm after you pack it all up for a fee of $35.

At the end of summer you can also elect to have us deliver your items back to a University dorm or University apartment for a fee of $35.

Sorry we are not able to pick up or deliver to any privately owned or off campus housing.

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