Research Facility Support Services (RFSS)

Research Facility Support Services (RFSS) is committed to providing world class service to the University community. Through hands-on partnership and thoughtful service delivery policies, RFSS teams focus on optimizing facility-related service, quality, and expense saving strategies while educating the academic community and influencing facility/equipment up-time.

For after-hours assistance or Emergencies

Please contact our after hours cell phone: 763-760-4794

Research Facility Building Access

Details on how U Card holders and visitors access Research Support Services Buildings.

Report Building Issues, Request Changes

Request removals, additions, changes in furniture, furnishings, casework, piping, electrical, water, plumbing, carpentry, etc.

Conference and Event Space

RFSS has a variety of Conference & Event spaces available to reserve on the UMN Twin Cities Campus.

RFSS Staff

Research Facility Buildings

Listing and details on Research Facility Buildings on the UMN Twin Cities East Bank Campus.


The Oceasoft system monitors equipment in real-time, alerting researchers of equipment failure and preventing loss of research.