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About Us

The RFSS Oceasoft Team is dedicated to supporting our research staff by implementing Oceasoft Alarm  
Monitoring in research facilities across the Twin Cities campus. This system empowers researchers to  
monitor their equipment in real-time, alerting them of equipment failure and preventing loss of  
research. Contact us today for more information at rfssoceasoft@umn.edu.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is Oceasoft?

A: Oceasoft is a leading provider of connected solutions for monitoring critical physical parameters  
such as temperature, humidity, CO2 levels, and more, to ensure the integrity and compliance for  
sensitive products in storage and production phases.

Q: What is OceaView?

A: OCEAView™ is a unified platform based on three key pillars: monitoring, traceability, and alerts.  
Designed for mobility and connectivity, OCEAView™ integrates all Oceasoft data loggers and  
wireless sensors to help you stay on top of your critical environments and monitor your sensitive  
products. This is the system you log in to in order to view the equipment in your lab.

Q: Where do I go if I need to find training, update my emergency contacts, or request a quote to have Oceasoft added to equipment in my lab?

A: You can find our full list of support services at https://z.umn.edu/Oceasoft

Q: What happens if someone in my lab does not respond to the Oceasoft alert?

A: Oceasoft alerts are set up based on the emergency contacts submitted by your lab prior to the installation of Oceasoft equipment. In the event your equipment goes into alarm, the system will call out to your emergency contacts in the order in which you provided to RFSS Oceasoft staff, until the alarm in question has been acknowledged. In the event lab staff do not respond to the calls from the Oceasoft system, RFSS on-call staff receive the final call-out and have been instructed to contact lab staff directly to notify them of the issue. In  
the event RFSS staff are contacted due to the lab's faillure to acknowledge an Oceasoft alarm, the lab will incur a charge of $100 for each time RFSS staff must respond to the alarm. 

Examples include:

- RFSS on-call receives notification from Oceasoft of alarm. RFSS staff calls lab, connects with staff, and alarm is acknowledged by staff

- RFSS on-call receives notification from Oceasoft of alarm. RFSS staff calls lab, receives no response, and alarm continues until acknowledged by lab  
In order to avoid service charges, please be timely in your response to the Oceasoft alarms. 

You can acknowledge an alarm through the OceaView system, or, by entering your PIN code when you receive the phone call from Oceasoft.   
RFSS staff will not respond in-person to check on Oceasoft alarms. This is the responsiblility of the lab, and as such, RFSS is not responsible for any loss of research caused by a lab's failure to respond to Oceasoft alerts.