EB Custodial Staff Prevent A Major Water Event

U are GOLD
February 15, 2021 at 1:01 PM

Kimberly Kosto, a Teaching Associate Professor in Amundson's Dept of Chemical Engineering & Materials Science, sent in her appreciation for the quick action and teamwork of the East Bank staff.

On a Friday evening custodial staff members in Amundson found water in one of our teaching labs.  They quickly alerted Sr B&G Jahnboyah Dougan and Supervisor Jeramy Jensen, who in turn responded immediately and brought in Facility Supervisor, Phil Driscoll, to help find the water shut off and get the flow stopped.  This resulted in significant water savings and prevented what might have become serious damage to not only our lab, but also the labs and classrooms below.  We are so appreciative!  Thank You!

Great team work East Bank! 

Special thanks to: Tesfaldet Berhe, Talile Abuna, Abdela Jilo, Jahnboyah Dougan, Jeramy Jensen & Phil Driscoll (not pictured).