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Brooke Miller
DCRU Clinic Coordinator & 717 Facility Coordinator
Research Facility Support Services
Office Phone

The Delaware Clinic Coordinator interfaces directly with those researchers using the RFSS clinical facilities at 717 Delaware to understand what each study may need from the space. The Clinic Manager also ensures all study staff and participants are given necessary access to the spaces reserved and coordinates the timetable for the clinic space so that each study has its needs met. In addition, this coordinator is a Research Facility Coordinator for 717 Delaware.  A Research Facility Coordinator is responsible for being the first point of contact for building occupants for items such as: work requests, access needs, and questions about RFSS facilities and operations. The Research Facility Coordinator operates within designated e-mail accounts which are covered by RFSS staff, even in the event of absence, ensuring that items are addressed in a timely manner during business hours. Research Facility Coordinators also provide connections to partner departments and exterior vendors to meet the needs of building occupants.