3rd Party Movers/ UMN Laborers

The ReUse Program will not accept deliveries of any materials from 3rd party movers on Thursdays during our public sales.  If there is a business need to have materials moved to ReUse on a Thursday, please contact us to arrange this at [email protected].

In addition to the ReUse routes (used for small quantities of materials) you can hire 3rd party movers or University general laborers to move materials from anywhere on campus.  Unlike the ReUse route, laborers and 3rd party movers can collect materials from anywhere inside your building and can assist disassembling materials if required.

U-Wide contracted movers are:

  • Alexander's Mobility Service - 612-285-3665
  • Beltmann Group Inc - 651-639-2885

We can also arrange hiring University general laborers to assist with a move and or disassembly.  Please contact us at [email protected] to arrange laborers.

If you choose to hire a 3rd party mover, please provide these instructions to them and provide them an EFS or WO# for any fees. 

Please remember to reveiw our guidlines for what materials we can and cannot accept here.