Smith Hall Custodial Squad Ensures Waste Is Separated Properly

Four standing together

A big thank you goes out to the Smith Hall Custodial Squad for their extra effort to sort the waste left behind from the many student lunches provided during Welcome Week!  The new students had not yet been instructed about our waste sorting program and so they did not do things correctly.  Jim Larson's squad cared enough to pull out the recycle and compostable organic items from the large amounts of trash left behind from the bag lunches given to new students.  Jim states that his knowledgeable staff knew exactly what to do and jumped into action to make it right by opening each and every lunch bag to sort the contents!  He believes they collected so much compostable organics that it likely weighs more than all the organics they have collected since the inception of the program!   

Special thanks go out to:  Jim Larson, Efrem Seyum, Rezene Mhreteab, and Florencia Mende.

Additional fun facts from Jim: Virtually everyone finished drinking their water but didn't recycle the bottle.  And no one used the Organics waste bins.  Everyone just put everything into the paper lunch bag and tossed it all into the trash.  The least frequent compostable food item found in the trashed lunch bags was the cookie.  And the most frequent was the apple.  Second most frequent was the hoagie.  So maybe all we need to give out for student lunches are cookies?  Just kidding!



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