RFSS Duo Key to Oceasoft Research Alarm Rollout

Smiling Christopher Holly and Ryan Davis holding monitoring units in front of a research freezer

Christopher Holly and Ryan Davis willingly volunteered to help develop marketing materials, in-person user training slides, and have taken on responsibilities for the rollout of the new research alarm system called Oceasoft. Their hard work over the past nine months has been key to our success! This new system is designed to place the ability to monitor and respond to alarms on research equipment back into the hands of the Faculty, Researchers, and lab staff. Researchers can check on their freezers and refrigerator products 24/7/365 to ensure both the integrity and availability of the product for grant funding renewals. To date this program is being well received by everyone who uses it. Their work is appreciated both by our department and our customers.


Cheryl Miller: Portfolio and Operations Manager

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