SP Squad Has Bell Museum Sparkling

Bell Museum Squad
October 28, 2020 at 10:42 AM

While doing various custodial assessments I was lucky enough to take a close look at the Bell Museum.  I have to say that I have never been so impressed with the cleaning level in any building before.  From spotless glass to dustfree chrome ledges to the cleanest restrooms I have even seen, this is a building that shows the pride of the squad who cares for it.  I would like to thank Ed Meyer, Amsalu Lata and Hassen Kadar for their outstanding work!

And on a side note we are sad to be losing Ed in just a couple days to retirment.  In over thirty years here at the U he has NEVER but late for work!  He even made it in during the Halloween snow storm of 1991 when just about everyone else was stuck at home.  Ed is an inspration to us all.  We wish him the best in his retirement!

Mike Hofer