Health Science FM Teams Appreciated by Med School!

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November 5, 2021 at 2:17 PM

Caroline Hallstrom of Research Support for Lab Med Pathology sent this compliment:

As part of a Med School wide initiative, I was tasked with cleaning out about 3,000 square feet of lab space across multiple buildings. This required moving things around all 4 buildings, relocating faculty and staff, and purging a huge amount of junk from our spaces. I deeply thank the FM teams in these areas, I could not do it with out help because these old file cabinets, desks, and conference tables are heavy! Carpentry did a great job cutting desks to fit new spaces. I appreciate all the custodial and FM staffers who would haul away the dozens of recycle and trash hampers as I go through 50 years of forgotten research junk. Thank you for being rad!

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