Custodian Appreciated for Helping in Nicholson

Tadele stadning in from of Nicholson entrance

From Roy Weaver - College of Continuing & Professional Studies, Nicholson Hall:

I would like to offer praises for one of your workers.  This morning I was in Nicholson Hall to work and retrieve a supposedly delivered package.  According to the company's website and customer service, the package was delivered to Nicholson hall. I was not able to locate the package, found the custodian room and asked if they had received a package meant for me. They had not. Tadele went above and beyond to help me search for this package. He walked with me to different places in the immediate vicinity. Most people would have said no, and left it at that. This delivery was very important and very time sensitive. Tadele suggested different possible delivery destinations.  I was able to locate the package.  Thanks is given to Tadele for his help and pleasant attitude in this stressful moment!  And on a side note the custodial room was very clean and organized!  Impressive!

Special thanks to Sr B&G Tadele Tilahun!

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