Research Building Access

All Research Support Services buildings are access controlled with card readers. People with approved access are able to use their U Card to gain access to the building. People without access need to check in at the information desk for assitance with entrance to the buildings

Prior to being granted building access, the following need to be completed:

  1. Employee/Student Access form: Completed by the individual needing building access. They will need their U Card to complete this step.
  2. U Card Verification: Access applicants may bring their U Card to one of our information desks to have their U Card information verified by one of our staff members after completing the form.
    1. NOTE: To help minimize the risk of Covid-19 transmission: RSS will accept email verification of your U Card. To use this contact free option: please email a clear photo of both the front and back of your U Card to one of our information desks. Please be sure that ALL numbers are easy to read including those along the edge of the card. 
  3. Required training: All training must be complete to gain access to RSS buildings.
  4. Supervisor Approval form: To be completed by Faculty or Principal Investigator (PI), lab manager, program director, Department Administrator, or a designated approver.

Update your information: 

  1. Update your information form is used by individuals who wish to: 
    1. Notify RSS  that you are transfering locations and/or need to switch access to a new building.
    2. Notify RSS that you need access to an additional location. 
    3. Update your Faculty Supervisor or Advisor information.
    4. Change or Update your information including: 
      1. Updating office or lab location information
      2. update or change your cell phone information
      3. Notify RSS that you have Lost or Replaced your U Card.

Important Notes:

  • People whose primary workplace is in another (non-RSS) building must have a PI, director, or manager within an RSS building submit the Access Approval Form for them.
  • Only PIs, managers, or directors with assigned space within the specified RSS building can submit the Access Approval Form.
  • If you do not have the UCard information on hand for the individual requiring card access, please enter "N/A" into the form field for U Card and/or Smart Card numbers on the Supervisor Approval Form. RSS staff will clarify and verify their U Card/smart card #'s through one of our information desks.

Principal Investigators, managers, and/or directors of facilities within RSS buildings may designate a person on your staff to act on your behalf by sending an email delegating this authority to your research facility coordinator.

Access to Research Animal Resources (RAR) space

Access into RAR space is requested through and handled by RAR. Visit the RAR website for more information.

Vendor Access

Vendors may obtain a vendor access U card at a cost of $25/card, with approval of customers residing in an RSS building. For more information, please contact the 717 Building Coordinator.

Removing access for an individual

If someone in your group no longer requires access to the building(s), please send an email to your building's contact as soon as possible. We will deactivate their U Card. If the person has keys for your facility, please ensure they return their keys to the building's information desk prior to departure from the U.

If you wish to have an immediate removal of access please call your research facility coordinator.