WB Weekend Sr B&G Appreciated by Visitor from Boston

West Bank Weekend Sr B&G, Dave Peterson, received this glowing compliment from Desiree Ivey, Executive Director from Shady Hill Teacher Trng Ctr in Boston, for his helpful actions and caring attitude after she lost her keys here during a conference:  

I had the good fortune to meet Dave Peterson during an educators conference being held at the U of M.  What an outstanding ambassador he is for the University of Minnesota and Westbank Facilities Management. I am writing to share with you how appreciative I am for Dave's professionalism, patience, and compassion. On the last day of the conference, I realized around lunchtime that I did not have my keys. Given the size of the campus, I felt all hope was lost. After three hours spent searching for them, I returned to the information desk in the Carlson building and asked a young woman if anyone had reported that they found a set of keys. I was pleasantly surprised to learn that Dave Peterson wrote a note that read ,"Keys found here on Saturday. Call Facilities Management." When I called the number, he answered the phone immediately and asked me to describe the keys. Fifteen minutes later, he appeared with my keys in hand.  

When I met Dave, I was immediately struck by his kindness, his warm handshake, and his genuine interest in my wellbeing. I can't tell you how relieved I was to be able to collect my keys, retrieve my car, and prepare to head back to Boston. I give credit to Dave for making me feel welcomed, seen, and supported. What a gem of a person, Dave is! 

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