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The Temporary New Normal

Dear FM,

We’re settling into what seems to be the temporary new normal during the U’s extended reduced operations to slow the spread of COVID-19. For many of you, that means you’ve been working from home for a couple of weeks. For some of you, you’re working on campus in the second week of a new rotational schedule, and for others you have had very little change to your schedule working on maintenance and projects. Today, I’d like to share with you some reminders about what’s going on across FM. 

Despite the fact that classes are all on-line and the majority of University staff are working from home, many aspects of our work continues. Here are some reminders about the non-COVID-19 things we are working on across FM:

  • EAM - No change to the project schedule. Data migration and training efforts continue. Many of you have been or will be asked to help continue to support the EAM team in their efforts to keep this project rolling. Please help out when you are able.

  • Kronos - Due to the University going to a state of extended reduced operations in response to COVID-19, there have been many changes for payroll to process. As a result, the Kronos project schedule has been slightly delayed. Watch for updates and continue to support the Kronos team. On the bright side, our finance and payroll teams have been doing an awesome job getting us all paid, thank you!

  • Performance Reviews - The year end review schedule has been pushed back one month. Watch for more details in the coming weeks. By now, your goals should be loaded into UReview

  • Work with your supervisor if you have questions about your schedule and/or priorities.

Suggestions to be intentional about how we are coping in today’s environment

For me, I’ve found that continuing my daily routine of getting ready for work and doing all of the things I would normally do has helped me to stay focused and engaged. In the spirit of routine, Bill’s Biweekly will resume its regular schedule, starting with today. I will also send out additional messages as new information arises.

Have a great week!


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