Organics Recycling

Organics Recycling Roll Out

We are currently working on a campus-wide roll out of organics recycling. If your building recently received organics bins, check out our Zero Waste Purchasing Options to outfit your department with compostable service ware and deskside recycling bins! If you would like to find out when organics recycling is coming to your building, please contact us. 

What is Organics Recycling?

Organics recycling is the process of recycling organic material, such as food scraps and non-recyclable paper, into compost. Compost is a soil-additive that improves soil quality, provides nutrients to plants, and reduces erosion. The following are items that are accepted in organics recycling:

    • All food, food scraps, peels, pits, bones, etc.
    • Coffee grounds and filters
    • Paper towels, napkins and tissues
    • Pizza boxes
    • Wooden stir sticks, popsicle sticks and toothpicks
    • Plant trimmings and floral waste
    • Certified compostable* food service ware (cups, bowls, plates, utensils)

Please refer to our Recycling Self-Help Guide for further questions.

*Certified compostable means the item has been certified by the Bioproducts Institute (BPI) or Cedar Grove - two companies that test if items breakdown without a trace of plastic residue. Look for a BPI or certified compostable label on a product or its packaging to determine if it's compostable. Click here to use the BPI website to search for a specific product or brand.

Quick Guide to Certified Compostable Logos

Our organics recycling is processed at a commercial compost facility operated by the Mulch Store in Rosemount, MN.

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For service requests, use FM Call Center: 612-624-2900

Recycling Phone: 612-625-8084

Recycling Email:

Organics Roll Out Coordinator: Allison Sawyer

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