ReUse Pick Up Locations

Use this chart to determine the appropriate loading dock, building, or other facility to use as a drop-off point for reusable University items and property. If your building is not listed, check to see if a nearby building is. Items for ReUse must be at the pickup location by 6 a.m. and clearly marked as ReUse pickup assets. Feel free to use the ReUse Program Asset Pickup Form (PDF) for this purpose. Please email to schedule a pickup. We are unable to accommodate same day requests. Visit our Self Help Guide for more information on the policies of sending your items to ReUse.

The delivery rates for departments within the University is $75 for the first 100lbs and then $10 for every additional 100lbs.  

Drop-off dock locations for most buildings are in that building.  Some buildings do not have an accessible dock and are only accessible by an adjoining building.  Note, your drop off location may be in an ajacent building connected by a tunnel or skyway.

If you aren't finding your building, remember that some buildings have full names that may differ alphabetically.  CTRL + F is your friend! 

 10 Church Street Nolte Garage 
 717 Delaware St SE717 Delaware St SE 
AAkerman HallKeller Hall 
 Alderman HallHodson Hall dock 
 Amundson HallAmundson Hall 
 Anderson HallWest Bank dock 
 Animal Science/Veterinary MedicineLewis dock 
 Appleby HallAppleby Hall 
 Armory BldgArmory Bldg 
 Athletes VillageEmail for instruction 
BBailey HallEmail for instruction 
 Bell Museum of Natural HistoryBell Museum Dock 
 Biological Sciences CtrBiological Sciences Ctr 
 Biosystems & Agricultural EngineeringEmail for instruction 
 Blegen HallWest Bank dock 
 Borlaug HallBorlaug Hall 
 Burton HallScott Hall 
CCancer and Cardiology Research BuildingBDD Dock - Wallin Medical Building 
 Carlson School of ManagementCarlson School of Management 
 Centennial HallCentennial Hall 
 Campbell HallEmail for instruction 
 Child Development CenterEmail for instruction 
 Children’s Rehabilitation CenterMayo dock (1st floor C wing) 
 Christensen LabChristensen Lab 
 Coffey HallCoffey Hall 
 Coffman Memorial UnionCoffman Memorial Union 
 Comstock HallEmail for instruction 
 Crop Research BuildingCrop Research Building 
 Ctr for Magnetic Resonance ResearchCtr for Magnetic Resonance Research 
DDept. of Civil, Environmental, and Geo-EngineeringCEGE dock 
 Diehl HallMayo dock (1st floor C wing) 
 Donhowe BldgDonhowe Bldg 
 Dwan Variety Club Cardiovascular ResrchCtr/Masonic Cancer ResrchBldgMayo dock (1st floor C wing) 
EEcology BldgMcNeal Hall dock 
 Eddy HallEddy Hall 
 Education Sciences BldgEducation Sciences Bldg 
 Elliott HallElliott Hall 
 Elmer L Andersen LibraryElmer L Andersen Library 
 Engineering & Fisheries LabEngineering & Fisheries Lab 
FFacilities Management BldgFacilities Management Bldg 
 Fay Thompson Center for Environmental ManagementEmail for further instruction 
 Ferguson HallWest Bank dock 
 Folwell HallNolte Garage 
 Food Operations BldgFood Operations Bldg 
 Food Science & NutritionFood Science & Nutrition 
 Ford HallVincent Hall dock 
 Fraser HallFraser Hall 
 Frontier HallFrontier Hall 
GGabbert Raptor CtrGabbert Raptor Ctr 
 Gibson/Nagurski Football Practice FacilityGibson/Nagurski Football Practice Facility 
 Gortner Lab of BiochemistryBiological Sciences  
 Green HallGreen Hall 
HHaecker HallEmail for instruction 
 Hayes Hall (Agronomy)Borlaug Hall dock 
 Herbert M Hanson Jr HallCarlson School of Management dock 
 Hodson HallHodson Hall 
 Hubert H Humphrey CtrWest Bank dock 
IInformation TechnologyInformation Technology 
JJackson HallMolecular & Cellular Biology dock 
 Johnston HallWalter Library 
 Jones HallNolte Garage 
KKaufert Lab of Forest Prods & Wood SciEmail for instruction 
 Keller HallKeller Hall  
 Kolthoff HallSmith Hall dock 
LLearning & Environmental SciencesLearning & Environmental Sciences 
 Lind HallAmundson Hall dock 
 Lions ResearchBldg/McGuire Translational Research FacilityLions ResearchBldg/McGuire Translational Research Facility 
MMAES/MDA Plant Growth Facilities–EastMAES/MDA Plant Growth Facilities–East 
 Magrath AgricultureRuttan Hall dock 
 Malcolm Moos Health Sciences TowerMayo dock (1st floor C wing) 
 Mariucci ArenaMariucci Arena 
 Mark G Yudof HallMark G Yudof Hall 
 Masonic Memorial Building (clinic)Mayo dock (1st floor C wing) 
 McNamara Alumni CtrMcNamara Alumni Ctr 
 McNeal HallMcNeal Hall 
 Mechanical EngineeringKeller Hall Dock 
 Middlebrook HallMiddlebrook Hall 
 Molecular & Cellular BiologyMolecular & Cellular Biology 
 Molecular & Cellular TherapeuticsMolecular & Cellular Therapeutics 
 Morrill HallTate Hall 
 Murphy HallVincent Hall dock 
NNicholson HallNicholson Hall 
 Nils Hasselmo HallNils Hasselmo Hall 
 Nolte Ctr for Continuing EducationNolte Garage 
 Northrop Memorial AuditoriumNorthrop Memorial Auditorium 
PPattee HallPattee Hall 
 Peik HallPeik Hall 
 Peters HallPeters Hall 
 Phillips-Wangensteen BldgMayo dock (1st floor C wing) 
 Physics and Nano-Tech BuildingPhysics and Nanotech Bldg 
 Pillsbury HallNolte Garage 
 Pioneer HallPioneer Hall 
 Plant Growth Facilities–WestPlant Growth Facilities–West 
 Printing Services BldgPrinting Services Bldg 
RRalph Rapson HallRalph Rapson Hall 
 Rarig CtrRarig Ctr 
 Regis Center for ArtRegis Center for Art 
 Research Animal ResourcesMayo dock (1st floor C wing) 
 Robert H. Bruininks HallRobert H. Bruininks Hall dock 
 Roy Wilkins HallRoy Wilkins Hall 
 Ruttan HallRuttan Hall 
SSanford HallSanford Hall 
 Scott HallScott Hall 
 Shepherd LaboratoriesRalph Rapson Hall  
 Shevlin HallEmail for instruction 
 Skok HallGreen Hall dock 
 Smith HallSmith Hall 
 Snyder HallSnyder Hall 
 Social Sciences BldgWest Bank dock 
 Soil ScienceSoil Science 
 St. Paul Student CtrSt. Paul Student Ctr 
 Stakman Hall of Plant PathologyBorlaug Hall 
TTate HallTate Hall 
 Ted Mann Concert HallWest Bank dock 
 Territorial HallEmail for instruction 
UUniversity International CtrUniversity International Ctr 
 University Office PlazaUniversity Office Plaza 
 University Recreation CtrUniversity Recreation Ctr 
VVariety Club Research CtrMayo dock (1st floor C wing) 
 Veterinary Diagnostic LabEmail for instruction 
 Veterinary Isolation BldgsVeterinary Isolation Facility  
 Veterinary Medical Center NorthLewis dock 
 Veterinary Medical Center SouthLewis dock 
 Veterinary ScienceVeterinary Science 
 VFW Cancer Research CtrMayo dock (1st floor C wing) 
 Vincent HallVincent Hall dock 
WWallin Medical Bio-scienceBDD Dock - Wallin Medical Building 
 Walter F Mondale HallWalter F Mondale Hall 
 Walter LibraryWalter Library dock 
 Walter W Heller HallWest Bank dock 
 Weaver-Densford HallMayo dock (1st floor C wing) 
 Weisman Art MuseumWeisman Art Museum 
 West Bank Office BldgWest Bank Office Bldg dock 
 Willey HallWalter F Mondale Hall dock 
 Williamson HallNolte Garage 
 Wilson LibraryWest Bank dock 
 Wulling HallWulling Hall