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It All Adds Up
fruit stand

There are so many ways to get involved in creating sustainable food systems that you probably didn’t know about—check them out! 


How Stewardship of Water Resources is addressed through sustainability initiatives on campus.

Farmers Market

The Office of Sustainability is there every week making reusable bags out of recycled t-shirts, how cool!


CFD Pictures

Check out these great photos. 

Old air conditioner

Check out the before and after photos.

Moos Tower Entrance

Check out the before and after photos.


U are GOLD
All 5 in pic

Shiniest eleavtor tracks on campus!

Side by side pics of Dave - one Star Award one w-Cake

What a wonderful way to end a career at the U! 

Squad pictured with Bill Paulus, Dave Hutton, Mike Hofer

They have been doing excellent work the entire time!


spelling of top 5

Check out the progress of the EAM team. 

spelling of top 5

Check out the latest project update from EAM.

bold words spelling Top 3

Congratualtions to the EAM team for making great progress! Check out what phase they will be working on next.