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It All Adds Up
fruit stand

There are so many ways to get involved in creating sustainable food systems that you probably didn’t know about—check them out! 


How Stewardship of Water Resources is addressed through sustainability initiatives on campus.

Farmers Market

The Office of Sustainability is there every week making reusable bags out of recycled t-shirts, how cool!


Walk like a Penguin

With all of the snow and ice we’ve been experiencing,there has been an increase in slips, trips, and falls, so I wanted to take a moment to review some safe walking tips.


Tweet of appreciation

Improving efficiency of Northrop's Free Cooling Pump


North campus team and the axe

North Campus District staff pictured with "Paul Bunyan's Axe"


U are GOLD
4 of the staff overlooking the pool

I was so impressed by how gorgeous the facility is!

Musse & Berhane

Everyone remarked how clean and organized it was!

Goldy w-Thumb Up

We really appreciate all that the custodial staff does.


spelling of top 5

Check out the progress of the EAM team. 

spelling of top 5

Check out the latest project update from EAM.

bold words spelling Top 3

Congratualtions to the EAM team for making great progress! Check out what phase they will be working on next.