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University of Minnesota Landcare Receives Grant for Electric Lawn Equipment

The time to switch from gas to electric lawn equipment is now, and that’s exactly what University of Minnesota landcare did.

Pioneer Hall Renovation

Renovations that started during the summer of 2017 were recently completed and the newly-improved residence hall was opened to new students this fall. 

core principle 3

The University of Minnesota is actively increasing its use of clean energy on campus.


Turkeys on Campus


U are GOLD
Goldy w-Thumb Up

They work hard and have a great attention to detail. 

The crew

I am happy to have you as a part of this team!


I was immediately struck by his kindness, his warm handshake, and his genuine interest in my wellbeing.


SIT success

System Integration Testing (SIT) ended on a high note.

solar panels

Quickly catch up on the Top 5 things for you to know about the Enterprise Asset Management Program this month.

EAM Student Project

Check out what EAM has been up to.