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NC Squad Keeps Thompson Ctr Clean & Safe

Compliment from Tara Smith of University Health & Safety about the care of Thompson Center for Energy Mgmt:

 “The squad that takes care of TCEM is fantastic. They always greet us with a smile, attend to issues in a timely manner and have made great strides to clean their closets and create a safe working environment for themselves. We almost never have to worry about messy bathrooms or wet floors without proper signage. I thank them for all their continued efforts to keep TCEM looking pristine. They work hard and I am grateful.”

Special thanks to: Chris Sindt, Shume Gessisa, Corderall Farrell and Asrat Yemer.

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Graduation season is upon us. For FM, that means sprucing up campus for the thousands of students and their guests who will attend a graduation in May. Thank you for the hard work that you have, and continue, to put in.

Spring officially began on March 20th, but being that we are in Minnesota, we are welcoming it to campus just a little later.

Top notch group!

As you have no doubt seen on the news, flooding is a big concern for the Twin Cities and our campus is no exception.

Always working and greeting people with a friendly smile!