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NC Custodians in MRF Praised for Caring Professionalism

Professor Sandra Armstong in the Microbiology Research Facility (MRF) sent the following compliment... 

Since my department moved into our new building in the Fall of 2015, Ms. Marvina Sanders and Ms. Sandra Johnson have worked as a highly successful and effective cleaning team, not only during the chaotic and messy time when we were moving into the still-unfinished building, but also ever since that time.  They coordinate their daily activities to make sure that our work and lunch spaces, entryways, and restrooms are sparkling clean at all times.  We have been spoiled by them!  Marvina and Sandra clearly have a can-do attitude and are dedicated to their jobs.  They are both real professionals who take real pride in their work and are committed to their area of expertise.  Marvina and Sandra really care about the building and help to keep our workplace pleasant and functional.  I wanted you to know that I think that they deserve recognition for their loyalty and hard work!  

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They both really care about Shevlin and its occupants!

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