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Making Headlines!

Dear FM,

Minnesota weather is making the headlines! With 39 inches of snow, February was the fourth snowiest month on record. And that is about two-thirds of this winter’s total of 62.4 inches! This weekend’s snow added a bit to the total and is a first of what I hope to be a non-record breaking March.

So, let me begin by thanking all of you for your heroic effort in keeping our sidewalks, streets, and stairwells clear of snow. It’s hard work - particularly when we are getting storms so frequently.  Please remember to practice safe walking and shoveling while out and about and watch out for others.

FM is making headlines!

The Minnesota Daily has written a number of FM-related stories that highlight work that we do and programs that we offer.

Early-morning stretch program aids UMN staff

The Stretching Program has been rolled out in West Bank district, parts of the East Bank district, and third-floor Donhowe. The program consists of 10-minutes of stretching at the beginning of shifts and is popular with staff participating. Read the article here. Watch a video of the stretching here.

Thanks to Tim Ravn, Anita Fimon, and Kelly Richardson, our FM folks who shared their experience with the program.  

Severe Weather causes uptick in falls, injuries

Increased slips, trips, and falls have been occurring as a result of our recent snow and ice events. The article discusses the number and types of injuries that Boynton and Hennepin Healthcare have been seeing that might be weather-related. It also discusses FM’s strategy for managing snow and ice and the need for balancing safety and environmental impact. Read the article here.   

Thanks to Tom Ritzer for helping the Daily and University community understand our processes and procedures.

And remember…

University system uses stormwater to cool buildings on campus

This article discusses the University’s effort to collect and recycle stormwater. There is a 35,000 gallon storage facility under the Athlete’s Village practice field that is used for building cooling. In the 17th Ave Residential Hall, stormwater is used to flush toilets. Another system is being built as part of the Health Science Education Center and Pioneer Hall Reconstruction projects. Read the article here.

Thanks to Cathy Abene and Scott McCord for explaining how FM is using stormwater collection systems to recycle water and reduce the University’s environmental impact.

Energy Management Monthly Report

Speaking of news...Energy Management produces a great monthly report. Click the graphic below to visit to report. Some of the graphics may look familiar as they are often the FM Employee Intranet Feature Photos. Kudos to Energy Management for producing an engaging newsletter.

I’m closing with a thank you to FM from George Brown, Assistant Vice Provost and Director of the U Recreation and Wellness Center. I am not the only one who has recognized your efforts to keep the campus safe, reliable, and welcoming. Way to go, FM!

Have a great week,



International Women’s Day March 8

The University’s Women’s Center is hosting an International Women’s Day event at Coffman. Learn more here.

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