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Happy Construction Season!

Dear FM,

When I first moved from North Carolina to start working at the University, I was warned there are really only two seasons in Minnesota - winter and construction. Happy construction season! The campus is busy with projects being completed by FM and other campus units. During the summer, we are able to complete many projects and minimize the impact to the University community.

FM’s UConstruction

UConstruction has a busy season ahead with a variety of projects ranging from card and door reader replacements, restroom upgrades, security camera installations, lab renovations, HVAC work, and even kitchen cabinet replacements.

UConstruction is also devoting time to sidewalk and other hardscape replacements on both the Minneapolis and Saint Paul campuses. These areas are highlighted on the maps below. For more information on UConstruction’s summer projects, click here!

FM’s Energy Management (EM)

FM’s energy management team not only finds the most cost efficient way to bring in spring, but they also do their best to keep campus cool and supplied with chilled water.

EM is adding a new chiller to Moos Tower. This chiller will remove heat from the area and circulate it through a heat exchanger to cool equipment. One thousand tons of capacity will be added to Moos Tower.

Some time in the near future, Energy Management plans to cut the power at Walter Low Laboratory causing a power outage which in turn will test the backup system. This will ensure that Walter Low Laboratory’s backup system is effective and reliable.

By the end of this summer, the Saint Paul water tower will be sandblasted, repaired and re-coated. The paint is actually a protective coating system that when properly maintained allows the steel structure to last for 100 years or more. This will be the third time the university has recoated the 66 year old tower. There will be no disruption to the campus water supply.  

Take a look at the water tower over the years!

Capital Project Management (CPM)

CPM is also busy! I’ll highlight a handful of projects that are likely adding time to your travel around campus.

The Knoll Area Infrastructure Improvements project  is reconstructing deteriorated roads, parking areas and sidewalks, upgrading water and sewer, optimizing service areas, repair shallow utility tunnels and duct banks, and renewing lighting and security cameras.

The Health Science District/East Bank areas are bustling with activity as a number of projects are underway. The Pioneer Hall/Essex Corridor projects, Health Science Education Center, Public Safety Building, Field House, and Aquatics Center are all under construction. For more information on these projects and to sign up for project updates, visit CPM's Projects in Construction.

Parking & Transportation Services (PTS)

Structural repairs will be occuring in the Washington Avenue, Oak Street and 21st Avenue parking ramps.

The City of Minneapolis is working on bikeway projects on various streets throughout Dinkytown. Physical curbs are being introduced to 15th Avenue SE between University Ave and 4th Street and at the intersection of 17th Ave SE and Rollins to separate bikers and drivers.

You can find more details on these projects via an interactive map here.

FM does a tremendous job making investments in our campus to keep it safe, reliable and welcoming. Thank you!

Have a great week,



Personal Holiday

Be sure to use your personal holiday before June 30 or you will lose it! Check in Compass or in the MyTime tab of MyU portal to see whether you’ve taken it.

Power to the Students - Energy Management’s Student Internship Program

EM launched its internship program in 2000 and hired its 105th student this year. Read the College of Science & Engineering feature here:

NiceRide - Use Sustainable Transportation and Earn Wellbeing Points

Looking to get around campus? Try NiceRide bikeshare. Rent by the ride, day, month, or year. Use code UMN502019 for a $50 annual membership (a savings of $25). Learn more here:

To earn wellbeing points, register your Nice Ride membership with Dero ZAP, check out a bike and ride for at least 10 minutes to earn a “Zap” for the day. Earn 50 points for 25 rides. 150 points for 50 rides, and 200 points for 100 rides.

Farmer’s Market

Find seasonal produce such as berries, sweet corn, and tomatoes at the 2019 University of Minnesota Farmers Market. The market will run from July 10th to September 25th on the Gateway Plaza, just outside the McNamara Alumni Center. The market is held rain or shine, every Wednesday from 11 am until 2 pm. Click here for more information.

Heat Stroke Awareness

Hot temperatures here in Minnesota are rare and not taken for granted, but you must take precautions to stay safe in these hot temperatures. Exposure to heat can cause illness and death. Read more about heat protection here.

Latest FM News

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They both really care about Shevlin and its occupants!

Welcome Week begins in just one week, and fall classes resume September 3rd. FM always has a busy summer work schedule, and I appreciate everyone pitching in to get our campus ready for the start of a new school year.