EAM Student Project

EAM Top 5: September 2018

  1. New EAM website launches: The EAM team has launched a new website. The website is designed to be a quick and go-to resource for anyone wanting to learn about the project, the way it impacts areas of the University of Minnesota, or looking to understand what's next. Explore more at EAM.umn.edu.
  2. The Implementation Iteration-2 Testing Completed: UMN Workstreams were thorough and persistent in their second round of testing. This iteration was very successful because of the quality of work done and number of tests passed. During this iteration review UMN workstreams and eCIFM worked very closely together to quickly resolve issues, re-test and provide clarity. This approach led to a good iteration for EAM!
  3. EAM Team Training on new Testing Tool: The PractiTest system was selected. This month teams were trained on the tool and test cases are being added. There is still a lot of system testing that remains. This will streamline tracking and management of test results and identified fixes.
  4. Top 20 reports were selected: One of the benefits of TRIRIGA, and EAM, is the ability to have better reporting. The integration partner, eCIFM, will develop 20 custom reports for the University of Minnesota. There will also be additional reports that the University IT team will create. More than 400 reports were originally identified, so it was a challenge to get to 20. There will be more to come on which 20 were selected after development of them begins.
  5. Training is gathering process information to begin identifying training needs. The training team is partnering with the EAM workstreams to understand the processes and roles that will need to be included in training. With a large project, like EAM, understanding the scope is the first step to creating an effective and timely training program.
Latest FM News

Welcome Week begins in just one week, and fall classes resume September 3rd. FM always has a busy summer work schedule, and I appreciate everyone pitching in to get our campus ready for the start of a new school year.  

The incredible attention to detail, and the end results were absolutely fantastic!

A few weeks ago we put out a survey to ask you about some of your favorite places on campus. Thank you to everyone who has submitted a response, and I’ve enjoyed reading about what inspires you about our great campus. I’d love to hear from more of you, and you can still send in a response here.