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EAM top 5: July 2018

  1. Workstreams are starting to identify their reporting needs for go-live. There are many types of reports. The EAM team is addressing the challenge of what the University needs, and where there can be shared reporting between areas of the business. This functionality is one of the reasons TRIRIGA is able to provide more data for better decision-making. In the long run, the U is going to have much better visibility into trends and asset lifecycle. Reporting is one key feature of this.

  2. Workstreams are busy completing data templates for data they would like to see in TRIRIGA for testing during iteration one. Iteration 1 runs throughout the month of July. The data, which is loaded for each iteration, will be used to try different business scenarios in the system and to see what works and what needs to be fixed. The data in the system is a sample, so there are realistic options when running through test scripts.

  3. The project team is working on creating the test case format to be used during iterations. There is also discussion about using an online testing tool to track progress and fixes during the testing and build iterations starting this month.

  4. Members of the project team are drafting a new EAM graphic image and tagline. The current graphic image of EAM is hard to use on templates and communication, so it will be updated over the next several months. The new image is aiming to be representative of the project while being simple enough to understand. This will help you easily identify communication from the EAM project team.

  5. Roadshow/ system campus visits are being planned. This project cannot be successful if done in a vacuum. As we move forward, we want to continue to be more interactive, communicative and collaborative with all areas of U Services at all system campus locations. By visiting each location, we will get to know each campus better and can also share what we know about EAM so far.

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