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U are GOLD

Employees making a difference

Our employees play a key role in creating a positive experience for over 80,000 students, staff, and visitors who utilize our campus facilities each day. These dedicated professionals work to provide a safe, healthy, and clean campus that supports the University's mission.  Being in a service area where the good things often go unnoticed, we sincerely thank you for taking the time to lift up one of our teams with a U are GOLD Compliment!

Each recipient of a U are GOLD acknowledgement receives a Thank You letter, a U are GOLD webpage, and a posting on our video information boards that stays up for one month and is seen by all FM staff.  We appreciate your feedback and support!  Thanks!

U are GOLD
Goldy w-Thumb Up

They work hard and have a great attention to detail. 

The crew

I am happy to have you as a part of this team!


I was immediately struck by his kindness, his warm handshake, and his genuine interest in my wellbeing.

Hugh shaking Dave's hand and giving GOLD letter

He has been the key problem solver on dozens of occasions!

Melaku in three poses leading lunges

He is so pleasant and positive as he leads us through stretches!

Smiley Meagan holding up her GOLD letter

She was highly engaged and actively attempting to help each of her employees!

Team in Walter lobby

They were incredibly kind and helpful!

Ken handing Ali U are GOLD letter

Ali leads the way for all of his fellow crew members with enthusiasm and dedication