Vendor Management

A contract service program can provide improved service delivery, manage vendors, facilitate change management, better manage operational costs, etc.  The importance of a vendor contract service initiative is essential for the future success of Facilities Management.  The vendor contract service initiative serves as a model for consistent and efficient service delivery. The Business System & Strategies Team (BSST) Vendor Management team has in-depth knowledge and experience with UServices. They are able to work hand in hand with your team and offer advice during each stage of the contract process. They continue to provide support by providing oversight and direction, responding to customer questions or concerns about contracted vendors and/or their services, and identify and promote system-wide best practices.

Vendor Management Services

  • Create solutions for selecting, developing, coordinating and/or regulating contracted maintenance operations.
  • Manage & support vendor contract services, including regulatory compliance, asset management, & cost saving initiatives.
  • Provide contract oversight & direction to maximize financial & programmatic benefits.
  • Develop, negotiate, manage and administer campus wide Facilities Maintenance contracts.
  • Advise and assist with contract interpretation and resolution of contractual and/or operational issues with vendors.
  • Assist in establishing new vendor relationships, including development, negotiation, and management.
  • Oversee and coordinate maintenance repair projects on the Twin-Cities campus.
  • Identify and promote system-wide operational efficiencies and best practice solutions to issues and concerns.

The team has a number of big wins for the University and here are a few examples

Campus Wide Elevator Maintenance: $260 thousand saved per year
Campus Wide Fire Alarm System Maintenance: $600 thousand saved per year
Snow Removal and Landcare (UROC): $64 thousand saved per year

That is a total savings of $924,000 dollars per year!