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With the official kick-off of the EAM project, resources for non-EAM related activities are limited. At this time, to only

  1. break-fixes with existing applications or reports or
  2. requests related to the EAM project will be accepted.

All EAM related request will be sent to the EAM PMO for prioritization.

All break-fixes will be prioritized based on the impact of the item and will be worked on as resources become available.

If you have a non-EAM request which is required to run your business and needed urgently, complete the report request (or request for other services) and clearly document your business need. These requests will be reviewed by FM's upper management for approval and prioritization.

What Services We Provide

All of the services we provide revolve around improving processes through technology and decision making utilizing data and reporting. Our approach includes process mapping, programming, report development, data modeling, universe development, project management, testing, training, or anything else needed to help make an activity successful.

How to Request Services

Report or Data Requests
Fill out our Report Request/Issue Form if you have a request for data, want a report developed or modified, or just want to identify an issue with an existing report.

Application Related Changes
Email your request to FM BAS if you have one of the following scenarios for an application we support:

  • A business process (add or change) that may impact data 
  • Changes to a list of values (i.e. add/inactivate a crew, add an equipment keyword, etc.)
  • Develop or update a data universe
  • Develop or update a Kronos hyperfind query
  • Any other analysis where FM data or applications may be impacted

Have an Improvement Idea?

We assist in process improvement projects when our applications are involved or our other services are needed. However, these projects must first start out as an idea request.

So, do you have an idea on how to make a process or application better? Then submit an FM Process Improvement Idea Profile. By doing this, your idea is put in front of FM Leadership for review and prioritization. Click here to fill one out and get the process started.