Brand new chiller was online running at full capacity ("Chiller 13")

Brand new chiller running at full capacity

Just like Scotty reporting to Captain Kirk on Star Trek, Jared Satrom and Scott McCord gave the same report of our chilled water system last month. On July 19th, the Twin Cities experienced extremely high temperatures and high dew points; it had been 8 years to the day since we had that combination of heat and humidity. Unlike your cooling system at home, there are hundreds of devices that have to work together for our chilled water system to work properly. While normally all systems are 100% automated, during extreme events such as this, the chilled water utility group closely monitors the systems and may make slight adjustments (such as to differential pressure setpoints) to ensure each pump and chiller is working at full capacity to deliver cooling to buildings across campus.

Thanks to the chilled water crew and all the members of Energy Management who help keep our utilities operational throughout challenging summer conditions.

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There is no way this could have happened without their efforts.