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2020 is Here, Wellbeing Focus is Clear

Dear FM,

With the turning of each new year it’s easy to reflect on last year and the coming year. During this reflection many people resolve to make changes. In fact, you’ve probably already been bombarded with ads, emails and notifications about resolutions. Some of the most common New Year’s resolutions revolve around losing weight, getting fit, eating healthier, staying on a diet and managing finances.

The irony in this is that these same resolutions are also the most commonly broken. According to U of M experts, 80% of resolutions fail by the second week of February. “Year after year, people flock to the gym in January. And evidence shows that most of those people won't continue going to the gym in February. Which begs the question, how do we make lifestyle changes that last?” said Theresa Nutt, co-director of the University of Minnesota’s Integrative Health and WellBeing Coaching Program.

Luckily for us at the University, we have the Wellbeing Program which is the framework for a great support system that can help us be motivated and accountable for resolutions we have made, and reward us with substantial savings on our UPlan premiums whether or not we make New Year’s resolutions. Earn points to save cash!

Click here to learn more and login to the Wellbeing Program and use this valuable motivational, incentivised tool. Here are a couple of Wellbeing Program related sites for more information and motivation:
Offer from RecWell - Savings at the Recreation & Wellness Center
Wellbeing Program activities at Boynton Health - Links to register for Wellbeing activities offered through Boynton.

When comparing ourselves to the 80% of people who fail, it's easy to get discouraged. However, something they didn’t have but we do is the Wellbeing Program. My goal is to be part of the 20% who succeed and regularly attend my fitness center. Whatever you decide to do, consider how it can be linked to your Wellbeing Program. Good luck!

Speaking of Betterment - District Ops Stay on Top of Their PMs
District Operations have an average of 2,100 preventive maintenance (PM) work orders (WOs) per month. This past June there were about 350 WOs past due with some over 6 months past due. As of December, there were 53 past due with 96% of them less than 3 weeks past due. That is an exceptional improvement. Thanks to the ADs and planners for working with team managers and supervisors to stay on top of PMs.  

Dedication Over the Break
There was a high pressure steam leak that was discovered on Christmas Eve in Nils Hasselmo Hall. Multiple alarms were triggered, fire alarms tripped and the basement filled with steam that traveled up the south stairway and the relief was blowing out the roof. Dale Runge responded in the building looking for other issues caused by the steam release. He found two generator exhaust dampers stuck in the open position - an issue that has frozen sprinkler heads in the past causing flooding. Bill Rinehart contacted Bill Maurer to troubleshoot and see if he could get them to respond electronically. They were unresponsive, suggesting they had been affected by the steam problem. They needed to be fixed, and Mike Reeves arrived on the scene to take care of the issue on Christmas Eve. Mike made the urgent repairs which also cleared the fault alarm on the generator. Thank you to Bill, Dale, Bill and Mike for their dedication on Christmas. To all a good night!

Happy New Year and have a great week!



Biometric Screenings for FM Evening Shifts
Appointments run every 15 minutes. This year, sign-up is by session only.
Click here to sign-up is open for the following session:
Tuesday, January 7 @ Boynton in Room W120 from 4:30-6:30pm

Sign-up for these February dates will be in the next Bill’s Biweekly
February 19, 2020 @ Boynton in Room W120 from 8:30-10:30pm
February 21, 2020 @ St. Paul Student Center in Room 202 4:30-6:30pm

Ice and Snow - Take it Slow
Take precautions when working outside and especially focus on proper footwear for slippery conditions.

FM in the News!
How to Live Sustainably in the Colder Months, Next Avenue interview with Shane Stennes

Your Individual Development Plan (IDP)
Reminder to meet with your supervisor to discuss your IDP. The form is located here on the U Services HR website. Find this form and more information on career development here.

Essential Employees
The University defines an essential employee as an employee who has been designated as vital to the operations of the University. FM staff who are designated as essential employees are receiving letters. If you do not receive a letter designating you as an essential employee, you do not report to work when the University is closed. FM Supervisors, please wrap up this process for designating Essential Employees.

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